10 May 2010

Malaysia Still In Short of Engineers

Post on 22-Dec-09

Few months back, reports of shortage of engineers surfaced. Well, it resurfaced again in form of an interview with Starbiz (The Stars Newspaper's business section).

The newpaper was quoting Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) chief executive officer Datuk Boonler Somchit who said that the country is not producing sufficient engineers to meet the needs of the technology sector, which will undermine the country’s competitive edge as a destination for foreign direct investments

He told StarBiz, citing data from the Education Ministry, that both public and private universities in the country produced over 13,700 first-degree graduates in engineering last year, which “is not adequate to meet the needs of the technology sector in the country.”

“Let us say if a multinational corporation (MNC) requires 50 engineers, 100 MNCs would need 5,000 engineers.

“The 13,700 fresh graduates that we produce is definitely not enough to go round to meet the needs of the MNCs and local technology companies,” he said.

Source; http://www.jobsdb.com

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